Life is unpredictable. Be prepared.

Life is unpredictable. Be prepared. As much as we hope to never have be in a situation where first aid is required, the reality is that it could happen to anyone at anytime.  

At First Class First Aid, we prepare students and employees for emergency situations by providing a full selection of WSIB approved Red Cross Training Courses, including Standard First AidEmergency First Aid, CPR/AED, and Recertification

Our courses are taught by friendly, knowledgeable instructors at our convenient locations in Woodstock, St. Thomas and Tillsonburg, Ontario.


This was THE BEST CPR and first aid class I've ever taken. The instructor was amazing and I really learned a lot!

Amy S.

I enjoyed my time with this organization and learned so much while I was there. My instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable in first aid and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants to do their first aid and CPR course.

Kayla A.

I learned so much as well as had lots of fun! Really awesome instructor and overall amazing experience.

Michaela B.


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