We take the safety, health and wellbeing of our Participants, Staff and Instructors seriously. Please read below our Covid-19 Protocols for our Training Centres.

  • Masks are mandatory at all times for all Participants, Staff and Instructors while in the Training Rooms. Participants are asked to bring with them more than one Non-Medical Surgical Type mask, or well made double-ply cotton homemade mask for their course. We will not be providing Masks to Participants.
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations have been placed at all entrances and exits of our Facilities. All Staff, Instructors and Participants are required to Sanitize their hands when entering or exiting.
  • Class Size Capacity has been reduced to a maximum of 10.
  • All Participants must answer screening questions and have their temperature taken before entering the Training Room at the beginning of Class.
  • Yellow squares measuring a minimum of 6'x6' have been created on our Training Room floors to aide with Social Distancing. Participants are asked to remain in their area during class time.
  • There will be no sharing of equipment, training devices, or training materials between Participants.
  • Reusable First Aid Training Supplies (ie Blankets, Bandages, Soft Splints, Classroom Copies of the Manual) will no longer be used in class. Participants will receive a sealed "Training Pack" containing single use disposable First Aid Training Supplies. Participants are required to bring the electronic copy of the Manual to the course on their Phone or Tablet for reference. Hard Copies of the Manual can be purchased for $10.00 for those who would prefer it, or forget to bring it electronically. Manuals are mandatory for the class.
  • All 2-Person skills have been modified to respect social distancing. In the event a 2-person skill is to be preformed, all consenting parties must don gloves, masks and face shields. 
  • To reduce Contact Time between Participants and Instructors, all courses offered will have an online learning component.
  • Non-Essential Furniture and objects have been removed from our Training Rooms.
  • All Surfaces, Furniture, Equipment and Training devices will be sanitized between classes with a Heavy Disinfectant Bleach-Water Solution.
  • All Staff and Instructors will receive The Canadian Red Cross Preventing Disease Transmission course and obtain the 3 year PPE Certificate before returning to work.
  • Our Safety Shops will remain closed for browsing. Participants choosing to purchase First Aid Kits and Supplies may speak with their Instructor if they wish to make a purchase. 
  • Our Administrative Office will remain closed, with work being done remotely. Please contact us through email as our Phone will not be checked regular basis.
  • First Class First Aid Inc. will comply with all requests for Information by our Local Public Health Units for the purpose of Contact Tracing.